Spectroscopy Cameras

Atik Cameras provide spectroscopic cameras for OEM solutions. These deliver advanced performance features, making them ideal for high-fidelity, quantitative scientific measurements.

Innovative design that enhances spectrometer camera systems around the world.

Spectroscopy is the study of electromagnetic radiation and its production from, or its interaction with, matter. It is often defined by sub-fields such as Raman, FTIR, and NIR spectroscopy. We have extensive experience in providing cameras for a multitude of spectroscopy systems. Be it a full spectroscopic camera or board sets for easy integration to global brands and specialist organisations.

Due to our flexible design philosophy and commitment to collaborative customisation, we have adapted our spectroscopy cameras to serve a wide variety of systems. Irrespective of specific customisations, all of our imaging solutions come complete with low read noise, allowing for high-quality images.

Manufactured in our ISO 9001-accredited European premises and designed by our skilled team in the UK. You can expect some of the best specifications on the market. With fully customisable board sets offering up to 9MPixel resolution. Or full frame speeds of up to 30 fps from our ACIS Series of CMOS systems, be sure to arrange a quote today.