We are pleased to introduce the ATIKbase. A single point of connectivity and control for your cameras and other hardware, giving a new level of portability and convenience to your imaging that takes the Atik Air concept and bundles it into an accessible unit.


Product code  ATK0182
RRP  269€ / $323 (excl. tax)

Increasingly, astronomers are seeking to improve the portability and convenience of their imaging. ATIKbase is a small computer that can be mounted to your telescope to conveniently control cameras and other hardware from your portable devices. The software is a collaboration with Ikarus Technologies to create a custom version of their highly regarded StellaMate system which gives the following abilities:

  • Manage everything from one interface.

  • Powerful image acquisition capability.

  • Autofocusing.

  • Support for internal and 3rd party guiding software.

  • Plate solving and high accuracy GoTo telescope control.

  • Imaging target suggestions.

  • Workflow automation.

In addition to the above features the ATIKbase goes further and provides some benefits that enhance the user experience:

  • Offline EKOS Live mode - To allow the StellaMate web interface running on mobile devices to control the imaging system without requiring access to the internet or VNC.

  • Runs directly from 12V - further to that, the device can distribute 12V power to other hardware including cameras and mount.

  • Includes a focus motor driver compatible with Robo focus, Moonlite or Lakeside motors to offer further integration.

  • An ST4 port is on board to enable guiding if the mount can not be connected to the USB ports.

  • Compatible with Atik Air.