Atik One Integrated Kit


With this amazing bundle you get three in one. The Atik One with the Atik GP, plus an M42 off-axis guider. Perfect for intermediate to experienced astrophotographer’s looking for a cooled CCD camera that takes stunningly detailed deep sky images.

All you need for one great price!

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Product Code RRP (excl. tax)
AtikOne 6.0 (integrated kit) ATK0121 2,629€ / $3,155
AtikOne 9.0 (integrated kit) ATK0131 2,738€ / $3,286


Features of the One

Integrated and powerful, the Atik One series embodies Atik’s principles to bring you a high performance, simple to use platform, with internal filter wheel, all in a very compact and light package. It features an improved cooler, capable of reaching a stable -38C below ambient, and a new CCD chamber design, filled with high purity Argon for a dry, condensation free environment and optimal thermal insulation.

The Atik One also features an internal USB hub and accessory power port, so that you can keep the cable clutter under control. In addition, two 1/4” tripod mounting holes are available to give you more options for mounting the camera and other accessories.

The 5 position integrated 1.25″ filter wheel features a mechanical roller for filter location ensuring the highest levels of reproducibility image after image. The filter wheel is natively controlled from our software or has an ASCOM driver for third party programs. Also included is a tool that allows filters to be loaded without opening the camera. Which can also be used for OEM applications.

Great value from the Atik One Integrated kit

The off-axis guider is a smaller version of our OAG, with the renowned smooth focusing system and moveable prism. The Atik GP excels as both a planetary camera and a guider. The sensor used is the highly sensitive 1.3 million pixel ICX445 EXview II CCD from Sony.

Please note: The Kit is designed to be used as a single unit with the Atik One 6.0 or the Atik One 9.0.

Technical Specification


System Requirements

  • Intel i3+ or above
  • Windows 10
  • CD-ROM drive
  • USB 2.0 port

What's in the box?

  • Atik One camera body
  • Atik GP camera body
  • M42 Off-axis guider body
  • 2" adapter
  • 0.5m mini-USB cable
  • 3m USB cable
  • 1.8m battery power connector
  • CD-ROM with drivers, software and user's manual (PDF)
  • Quickstart guide (paper)

Our highly acclaimed Artemis Capture software is included for camera control and data acquisition, along with a full ASCOM driver. These are also available from our Downloads page.

A universal (110-230V) power adapter is optional.


Kit assembly guide