Atik Cameras: Using CMOS sensors in a market more familiar with CCDs

By Lauren Butler on

Atik Cameras expertise on CMOS

With Sony’s discontinuation of CCDs fast approaching this September, Atik Cameras offers a wide range of cutting-edge cameras based on CMOS sensors. Alongside our pioneering CMOS technology, Atik was the first manufacturer to create an entire high-performance CMOS camera from scratch for OEM customers requiring long exposures.

With this in mind, we wish to share our newest White Paper written by our technical specialist, Andrew Kirby, outlining the market shift from CCDs to CMOS and what options are available to us.

White paper:

The gradual migration to cameras using CMOS sensors in a market more familiar with CCDs Atik Cameras

Atik Cameras ChemiMOS series

ChemiMOS is a cooled CMOS camera designed from the ground up to be ideally suited for integration into scientific systems requiring long-exposure images. Hours of exposure time have previously only been available with CCD technology but is now possible with ChemiMOS due to the zero-amp glow and low-noise design. This latest generation of CMOS technology will be available for the foreseeable future, ensuring long-term, supply chain stability. Benefits include very low-read and deep pixel full well, allowing for unprecedented dynamic range.


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