Atik Infinity Power Cables

By Jo on

We love our Atik Infinity camera, and from the videos we see on YouTube, and the pictures we see on forums, we think you do, too.

It’s sensitive, it’s intuitive, it shows us things we never thought we’d see. But you might have heard the power plug pulls out a little too easily while you’re slewing around the sky. It might even have happened to you during your own video astronomy sessions.

Well it’s time we said no more! No more loose connections, no more interrupted sessions.

We’ve put together a handy new screw-in cable connector that holds tight in the Infinity, but still allows your power connection to pull out if you get unexpectedly snagged.

We’ll be including these cables as standard with all Infinity cameras that ship from now on.

But what if you already own one?

If you already have an Infinity and would like to get hold of one of these cables, they’ll be available through our dealers. So just get in touch with the dealer you originally brought the camera from and they’ll be able to take things from there. Please note that we can’t guarantee there won’t be any postage or other associated costs. These are at the discretion of our dealers.

Already tried out one of the new cables? Let us know what you think of it in the comments.

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