A new camera on the Atik horizon

Avatar photo By Lewis Brown on

Our next generation CMOS camera

Following the success of our first ever CMOS camera, the Atik Horizon, we are pleased to announce the next generation Horizon II.

As with the original, the Atik Horizon II contains a 16MP CMOS sensor with a 21.9mm diagonal. This ensures the camera is an ideal option for those looking to use shorter exposure times and maintains the exceptional cost-per-pixel of the original Atik Horizon.

The Atik Horizon II CMOS camera

Broadening Horizons

The exciting evolution of the camera comes as a result of the extensive R&D work of the Atik team; this has led to the improved electronics and an increased variety of options that Horizon II makes possible. The camera now features three modes of operation, with Powersave and Fast modes available in addition to the default setting of Normal mode.

In Powersave mode, the highest quality images of the camera are produced. Meanwhile Fast mode takes advantage of the on board DDR memory to return a constant stream of images. Fast mode increases the frame rate of the Horizon II to 8FPS, with further increases up to 100FPS being possible through the use of subframing. This enhances the experience of those using the camera for planetary imaging, as the faster frame rate minimises the atmospheric distortion of a set of images. This in turn makes the stacking process, carried out by various Horizon II compatible software, simpler and more efficient.

Horizon II is also natively compatible with our Infinity live stacking software. This software is designed with deep sky applications in mind and is simultaneously useful for novices and advanced users alike. Its image processing helps to minimise the learning curve whilst advanced functions, such as flexible histogram control, enable a complete astrophotography experience for those more experienced users.

The Horizon II will be launching soon, so keep an eye out over the next few weeks as more details are shared. To register your interest in the Atik Horizon II, please click here to send us an email.