Experimenting with the Infinity Software

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As we recently announced, our Infinity Software is now fully compatible with the Atik 4-Series, as well as our new Horizon CMOS camera.

In order to open up this very special piece of SW, some of our customers and their 4-Series cameras were involved on this exciting adventure, playing with a beta version of the program and giving us their suggestions and feedback.

As part of a thank you for this fantastic support, we are very happy to share some of the amazing images captured by our beta testers Jim and Alain, and also a bit of information about their experience with the software.

Beta-testing the 4-Series

The experience using the 460ex has been very, very positive.  I just love the Infinity SW working with the 460ex.  It makes the capturing process a very enjoyable process.  It allows me to easily move from object to object in one evening and to produce very nice results without the hassle of downloading a ton of FITS and manually combining them afterwards.  Instead, I see them as I capture, and the results are certainly good enough for enjoyment.  I see that some people go the manual route and download for hours and hours and tweak later for hours and hours and come up with absolute masterpieces.  But I don’t have the patience and time to take that route.  The Infinity SW is certainly the best route for me.

James Herr

I had a lot of fun using the Infinity software with my 460EX color camera.
The software works very well, I particularly appreciated the automatic reduction of light pollution from the sky.

Alain Bouchez

The software is completely free to download as part of our core software.

One of the suggestions we had from Alain was whether we should include dark frame subtraction in the software. The initial idea behind Infinity was to keep things as simple as possible, but we appreciate that as we had in support for more cameras, there might be more calls for these more complicated features. If you agree with Alain’s suggestion, or have some of your own, let us know and if there’s enough support for particular features, we’ll take a look and see if we can add them in.

We hope that this software can be a fun and enjoyable way to do astroimaging and we’d love to hear more about how to use your Atik 4-series in Infinity. Feel free to contact us via email, our forum, or get in touch over social media to share your experience.

Happy Christmas!

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