On Semi Announcement

Avatar photo By Amy Barton on

Whilst you may have already heard the rumours, we wanted to let you know that ON Semiconductor have just announced that they are discontinuing their entire range of CCD sensors…! They have instigated a very short ‘last time buy’ process. As you know, a number of our cameras utilise the ON Semi sensors and will therefore be impacted.

To support our customers, we are intending to bulk purchase a selection of key sensors (namely the KAF-16200 and KAF-8300) to help provide continued access to these products late in to 2020. For anyone wanting to purchase cameras containing these exceptional sensors, we would urge you to act quickly. Naturally with all of our products, we will continue to stock parts and support these cameras for years after they have discontinued.

As you might hope, we are proactively engaging with alternative CCD manufacturers to investigate new CCD products for the future. Whilst we maintain that CCD sensors continue to provide the best results for the astrophotography community, we will also continue to drive our CMOS developments to help ensure that all of the market’s needs are supported.

Please email for any additional help or information.