Tailored Solutions: Working with Atik Cameras as a Partner

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Tailored Solutions

Any of our standard cameras can be altered, from a simple software or mechanical change, up to a completely new and novel design so that the end result is optimal for your application.

We use our extensive experience in camera development for OEM applications, to provide the option of bespoke cameras that are made specifically for you and your requirements through our approach of collaborative customisation.

Once we agree on the specifications, we will further work with you to make the integration of our camera in your system as transparent as possible by adapting our SDK and software whether the camera is completely bespoke, customised or the base design.

Below you will find our customer’s standard applications for whom we design cameras and what we call our “Atik Approach” to developing projects.


•Chemiluminescence                    •Gel Documentation
•Fluorescence Microscopy           •Neutron Imaging
•PCR and qPCR                              •Spectroscopy
•Fluorescence Inspection            •Ophthalmology
•Space Domain Awareness         •Astrophotography

Your Application – We cover many applications, including those not listed.

The Atik Approach


We at ATIK are curious to discover how we can use, adapt or enhance our camera’s performance to fit the customer’s application, technical requirements, budget and timelines. We see ourselves as your partner and deeply involved in your project, as such we don’t spare resources for meeting, qualifying and connecting with you.

Product Development

We make available our R&D engineering team to discuss with you what are the specific technical requirements and fine-tune the camera performance to your needs. Prototyping: Our R&D department is fully equipped to design and manufacture prototypes in-house, including custom metalwork, electronics and software. Testing and Validation: We provide rigorous testing and validation processes to ensure the developed camera meets the technical specifications, quality standards and industry regulations.


We plan the manufacturing process with our customers, considering carefully production capacity, resource allocation, and lead times while implementing stringent quality control measures at each stage of production (ISO9001 & ISO14001). We also make sure that the manufacturing process is scalable to meet varying demands from different customer markets.

Logistics and Shipment

For each camera we define a secure and appropriate packaging to protect the cameras during transportation, according to shipping requirements, customs constraints and delivery timelines. We are transparent through the process, providing tracking information and keeping you up to date on shipment status.


ATIK is known for its quick and effective support to its customers and its commitment to providing not only cutting-edge hardware but also a software solution that seamlessly integrates with your customer’s applications. Responsive support ensures that any issues are addressed promptly which includes:
Training: Provide training sessions for end-users or technical personnel on how to effectively use and integrate our cameras.
Technical Support: Establish a dedicated technical team and support channel to assist customers during the mechanical and software integration process.

Post-Integration Support

Provide a clear versioning strategy to help you stay current with the latest features and improvements, delivering prompt bug fixes and patches to address any issues identified post-integration to ensure the ongoing reliability of the integrated solution. Remote software upgrades for fast turnarounds at the evaluation phase.


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