The Atik Roundup: June 2020

Avatar photo By Lewis Brown on

Last month was an exciting month for Atik and this June roundup looks at the reasons for this, with a special offer for one of our large format cameras, the video discussion of a selection of our cameras with our co-founders, Steve Chambers and Rui Tripa, and the announcement of the first in our OEM webinar series..

Large format for a small price- Atik 383L+ bundle special offer

Until the end of July, we’ll be offering exceptional savings on the Atik 383L+ bundled with an Atik EFW2.2 filter wheel and an Atik OAG.

The exact amount that you can save varies depending on your region but a minimum 10% saving on the RRP if the products are bought separately is guaranteed.

For the US pricing, please contact your local dealer or get in touch with us via our contact page.

The Atik 383L+ features the Kodak KAF-8300 CCD sensor that has redefined mid-range astro imaging.



Atik co-founders discuss a selection of cameras

Recently our co-founders, Steve Chambers and Rui Tripa sat down and had an in-depth discussion about a selection of our cameras. We were on hand to capture this fascinating chat in which they discuss many of our premium cameras, such as the Horizon II, the 16200, the 460EX and the 383L+.

Simply click on the video above or here to watch.

OEM Webinar – Flat Panel Displays: inspection & calibration from an imaging perspective


June also saw the announcement of the first in our live webinar series.

This webinar will focus on flat panel displays, and the inspection and calibration of them from an imaging perspective.