Atik 4120EX

  • Fully regulated set-point cooling
  • Low noise
  • Low weight
  • Excellent thermal management


Our 4-Series is designed in such way as to combine power and control with flexibility and ease of use. The narrow body makes them ideal for use on Hyperstar and Fastar systems whilst maintaining suitability with a huge range of other telescopes and suitable for OEM applications. They feature fully regulated set-point cooling which makes for easy and consistent image calibration, though they feature such low noise that dark frames are no longer even a requirement, meaning you can spend more time imaging the things that matter. The slim, ergonomic design of these cameras naturally comes in at a low weight to help minimize stress on the corrector plate. The desiccant port is readily accessible from outside the camera for easy maintenance, and a simple 12V power requirement is complimented by low power use to help you get the most out of your imaging sessions, whether in the observatory or out in the field.

Specifications Download Datasheet

Image Sensor CCD - Sony ICX834AQG
Resolution 4241 x 2829
Pixel Pitch 3.1 µm
Full Well ~9,000 e-
Read Noise 5e- typical value
Dark Current Noise
at camera set point
~0.0003 electrons/second at -10°
Set Point Cooling
at ambient of 20oC
Thermoelectric set point with max ΔT=-25°C
Mount Type M42 x 0.75
ADC 16 bit
Backfocus Distance 13mm ±0.5
Exposure Range 1/1000s - unlimited