OEM Applications

Cameras for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Atik Cameras has a long history of supplying cooled CCD cameras into OEM applications. We take pride in providing cost effective high performance products which can be readily modified to meet a specific need. This page describes a small selection of applications already successfully in production. Contact us for a quotation.

Gel Documentation / Chemiluminescence

Atik Cameras are have been integrated in thousands of Gel Doc imaging systems around the world. Our customers are a mix of well established global brands along with smaller companies serving local markets. All have benefited from the low read noise performance of our products allowing high quality images to be produced over the longest exposure times.

Neutron and X-ray Imaging with the 314L+

Neutron imaging requires very sensitive cameras and long exposures because the neutron source is weak. Artemis CCD monochrome cameras (fig.1) are among the most sensitive available and Peltier cooling enables the CCD to operate at the lowest noise performance. Similar cameras can be used for x-ray imaging simply by replacing the scintillator and window material, but neutron imaging (fig. 2) is much more sensitive to organic materials than x-ray imaging. Neutron scintillators such as LiF/ZnS are thin films that convert the neutrons into x-rays and charged particles, that are then converted to light by the ZnS component. For further information, contact NeutronOptics Grenoble.

Electroluminescence Inspection of PV Cells and Modules

Electroluminescence requires high sensitivity in the NIR region. The VS60 featuring Sony’s ICX694 CCD has proven to be the ideal product for in-process fabrication, end of line and post module assembly stages. Thermoelectric cooling of the CCD sensor means that long exposures can be taken at full resolution without adding noise to the image. The images shown below were taken in complete darkness at 300ms, 600ms and 5s exposure settings.

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16Bit Vs 8Bit depth in Electroluminescense

All Atik cameras produce images with 16 bit depth (65536 Grey levels Vs 256 Grey levels for an 8 bit camera). This can be a significant advantage when automatically differentiating cracks in PV cells from other contrasting features.