On this page you will find links to download all the software and firmware required to operate Atik cameras and filterwheels.


Core software

The core software installer installs all the software you need to operate an Atik camera using our control program, Capture, or a third-party program, including ASCOM drivers.

PLEASE NOTE: the core software installer now offers an option to pre-install the driver files - simply select the Drivers option in the Select Additional Components window.

The previous version of the core software installer can be downloaded from here.

Release notes.



PLEASE NOTE: the latest version of the core software installer offers an option to pre-install the driver files; you can download the drivers separately by clicking on the download button below, but this should not usually be necessary.

Atik drivers are required for all Atik cameras and filterwheels apart from the EFW2. The drivers are in a zipped folder with two subfolders, USB1 and USB2. When installing the driver, select the USB1 folder for all variants of the Atik16IC, Atik16 and Artemis cameras and also the USB1 filterwheel. Select the USB2 folder for the Atik 3-Series and 4-Series cameras, Large-Format (4000 and 11000) cameras, and the Titan. Within the USB2 folder there are two subfolders, one for 32-bit Windows and one for 64-bit. Windows 7 installation instructions are available here.

A 3rd party driver for for ATIK CCDs in version 0.3 supports Atik Titan and Atik 3xx/4xx cameras with full cooler and guider port control and is compatible with INDI 0.9.6 on MacOS X, 32 and 64 bit Linux. Please see the INDI project website for more details.



Manuals and other instructions are installed by the core software installer, but they can also be downloaded from the Manuals page.


Simply download and run the firmware uploader installation package appropriate to your camera.



Atik 314E

Atik 314L+

Atik 320E

Atik 383L+

Atik 420

Atik 428ex

Atik 450

Atik 460ex

Files from installation CDs

Current products

Atik 3-series and 4-series cameras, Titan, large-format cameras, EFW2 and OAG.


Atik 16IC and Atik 16IC-S


USB1 filterwheel

Note that the USB1 filterwheel software requires the ASCOM framework to be installed.


Atik 1C, Atik 1HS, Atik 2C and Atik 2HS


Software Development Kit

Download and run the SDK installer.