VIDEO: An introduction to Atik’s OEM imaging solutions

Avatar photo By Lewis Brown on

At Atik Cameras, we pride ourselves on delivering the best possible products in all of our applications, whether for astrophotography or the myriad of OEM applications that we support, we believe in making our process, and what you can achieve when working with us, as transparent as possible.

To demonstrate this, we have produced a video which provides a quick overview into the development process of OEM imaging solutions. This video shines a spotlight on the flexible design philosophy that we provide, and the near-unlimited number of customisations that can be applied to a solution in order to suit your application.

You can watch the video below

Alongside our flexible design philosophy and collaborative approach, the video highlights the importance of core features such as sensor choice, internal mechanics and software integrations. Customisation is usually associated with higher costs, but at Atik, we reduce the extra expenses by matching the solution to your exact requirements.

Some real world examples of our customisations can be found on our dedicated customisations page, while further explanation can be discovered through a recent webinar that we recorded on the subject.

Information about our off-the-shelf imaging solutions can be found on our OEM cameras page. The upcoming Apx Series is of particular excitement to everybody at Atik. This series is launched with the Apx60, which utilises a 61.17 megapixel CMOS sensor – the Sony IMX 455. Furthermore, our range is set to grow again later this year, with the addition of a camera that will utilise an advanced CCD sensor from a world-leading manufacturer.  This camera is set to be the manufacturer’s first ever delivery into a camera for either Atik or QSI, and we are all looking forward to sharing more about this exciting project in due course…