OEM Cameras

Atik Cameras are proud to produce the most efficient productsat the most affordable price, with easy accessibility to modifications that meet a specific need for any OEM solutions.

With over a decade of experience making the most efficient OEM solutions, you can be assured of the best cameras for your money..

Designed in the UK and manufactured in Portugal at our ISO 9001 accredited facility, our cameras must first be acceptable to our team, attaining the highest specifications possible. All of our entry level cameras can be distributed as  board sets and our team can fully customise to meet your specifications, be it CCD or CMOS sensor cameras, with a full cohort R&D team ready to liaise with you at any point during the process. With the ability to create entirely bespoke solutions, our products are perfect for multiple OEM cameras and applications.

Thanks to a company wide flexible design philosophy, we can adapt or build a camera unique to your needs and desires at any point throughout the process.

For the OEM solutions tailored entirely to you, get a quote today.