OEM Solutions

Atik Cameras are proud to produce the most efficient products at the most affordable price, with easy accessibility to modifications that meet a specific need for any OEM solutions.

With over a decade of experience making the most efficient OEM solutions, you can be assured of the best cameras for your money

Our products are designed in the UK and manufactured in Portugal at our ISO 9001 accredited facility, whilst all of our base level cameras can be supplied as board sets and can be modified to suit your specific requirements, be it CCD or CMOS sensor cameras, with our R&D team on-hand to collaborate with you throughout the process. Due to the ability to offer a tailored solution, our products are suited to multiple OEM cameras and applications with some of the most common being: Gel Documentation, Neutron and X Ray Imaging, and Fluorescence Microscopy.

Courtesy of our flexible design philosophy, we can adapt or build a camera that suits your specific requirements. Throughout this process our R&D team can liaise with you at every step of the way to ensure that any changes to the design can be made smoothly and the camera meets your requirements despite any changes that may have occurred throughout the design process.

With experienced and highly qualified staff to take your specifications on board and implement to the highest value, we can guarantee high specification improvements to the overall product quality. Having worked with customers within a number of different sectors you can rest assured that no matter what the design you are looking for is, we will be able to make significant changes to your desired product.

For the best OEM solutions, get in touch with our team for expert advice and to receive a quote.