Atik’s solutions for PCR help to provide positive outlook for SDI Group

Avatar photo By Lewis Brown on

Both prior to and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Atik Cameras has provided imaging solutions for real time PCR DNA amplifiers.

Of course, this has been a major source of pride for Atik from a humanitarian perspective. It is also the case that this has provided a positive contribution to Atik’s parent company, the SDI Group plc.

In part due to Atik and its imaging solutions for PCR, the SDI Group, which is listed on the LSE Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and focuses on the design and manufacture of scientific and technology products for use in digital imaging and sensing and control applications, is expecting to exceed its initial expectations for its financial year ending 30 April 2021.

This news has prompted Ken Ford, the Chairman of SDI to comment, “This is a significant endorsement of the Atik Camera design and production capability, recognising its expertise in imaging solutions for life sciences.”

Atik are delighted to continue to provide solutions for PCR, with our bespoke VS825 now being used in thousands of settings worldwide. The VS825 is a modified camera that showcases Atik’s flexible design philosophy and the ability to transfer expertise across domains to produce high quality, cost-effective customised solutions.

Furthermore, the ACIS series is also very well suited for use in PCR applications, featuring a selection of Sony CMOS sensors with fully customisable hardware and software options. The cameras in this series can be applied in a variety of different manners and to a wide range of projects.

Of course, PCR is simply one of the many applications that Atik Cameras can support, you can see more examples of the supported applications here. Additionally, you can view the recent webinar on imaging solutions in Life Sciences below.